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Bene-Bac® Plus Equine Gel

Bene-Bac® Plus Equine Gel is a palatable gel in an easy-to-use, 30-gram syringe containing live, naturally occurring microorganisms for horses of all classes and foals.

Available in sizes: 30g Jeringuilla

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Product Information

Directions for Use: Recommended as part of management program for horses and foals subjected to adverse conditions or training, working, transporting, hand feeding or post-worming. Place gel directly into mouth. Foals: first week: 10 grams at 12 to 24 hours of age. 10 grams each on day 4 and 7. Weaning: 10 grams every other day during the initial week of weaning, 3 feedings total. Post Worming/Antibiotics: 10 grams each on day 1, 3, 5 and post-worming or antibiotic treatment. Transportation: Feed 10 grams 3 days and 1 day prior to transportation and on arrival. Maintenance: Feed once weekly as needed.

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