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Bene-Bac® Plus Bird & Reptile Powder

Bene-Bac® Plus Bird and Reptile Powder contains concentrated FOS and live, naturally occurring microorganisms and is recommended any time a bird or reptile experiences changing nutritional or environmental conditions.

Available in sizes: 4.5 oz. 10 oz.

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Product Information

Directions for Use: Hand Feeding: Mix with formula after cooling to 100 F or less. Provide one feeding from table on days 1, 3, 5 and 7, and then one feeding per week until weaned from hand feeding formula.

Body Weight Amount of Bene-Bac Plus
10g - 30g 1/8 level teaspoon
30g - 250g 1/4 level teaspoon
250g - 450g 1/2 level teaspoon

One level teaspoon equals approximately 2.7 grams of powder. Growth and Maintenance: Feed birds weekly by top dressing Bene-Bac Plus powder on moistened or oiled dry food or fresh fruits or vegetables. Use table above as a guideline for amount to feed, up to a maximum of 1 teaspoon per feeding. Discard uneaten food after no more than 8 hours and thoroughly wash dishes. Changing Conditions: Use quantities indicated for growth and maintenance, but provide 2 feedings, 3 days apart, before and after periods of environmental or nutritional changes. If the bird is anorexic, consult your veterinarian.

General Information: If several birds are maintained in a common cage or flyway, use the approximate total weight for all birds to determine feeding level. Mix with feed so that all birds receive appropriate amount. For large ratites, use 1 teaspoon for growing birds and 2 teaspoons for mature stock. Follow frequency feeding directions in Directions for Use. Reptiles should be provided Bene-Bac Plus Powder on the same weight basis as birds. Wash all feeding dishes, water bottles or water dishes thoroughly with hot soapy water and rinse well after each use. Be sure to contact your veterinarian for any illness.

Storage: Store in cool dry conditions. Refrigeration not necessary.

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