Probiotics - How to Use Them and Why

Be a Probiotics Pro!

By Hannah Shaw aka Kitten Lady

Probiotics are an important supplement that should be in every animal lover’s toolkit, whether you’re a kitten foster parent, a puppy caregiver, or a guardian to a cat or dog! Probiotics contain good, gut-friendly bacteria that help to regulate intestinal health, and you’ll be blown away by how much these powerful strains can do to keep animals in optimal condition and feeling great. Bene-Bac PLUS is the go-to probiotic for foster parents and animal caregivers around the world!

Photo By Andrew Marttila

Probiotics Help Balance and Support Immune Health

You’ve probably already heard of probiotics for humans; think about products like gut-healthy yogurt which contain live bacteria that is good for your digestive system. Our GI tracts, and the GI tracts of other animals like cats and dogs, are filled with both good and bad bacteria. Probiotics contain good, healthy bacteria which can help restore balance to the gut. But instead of consuming yogurt, animals can consume healthy bacteria in the form of a probiotic supplement!

Did you know that the gut plays a huge role in immune health? Keeping the GI tract in optimal condition is a great way to support immune function so that the animal can fight disease and stay healthy. This is especially important when an animal is sick and taking an antibiotic, as these medications can have the unintended consequence of wiping out good bacteria along with the bad. A probiotic is a great addition for any of the following:

Probiotics are healthy, safe supplements that can be used both as maintenance in healthy animals, and as a part of a well-rounded plan for those experiencing illness!

Baby Animals Have Vulnerable GI Systems

While probiotics are great for all life stages, they are especially crucial for newborns. Neonatal kittens and other baby animals are born with sterile GI tracts, and develop intestinal flora during the first days of life through contact with their mama and with the environment around them. During this time, kittens can be quite susceptible to illness, and their gut health is especially vulnerable. Diarrhea, constipation, and other GI woes are commonplace with baby animals, and while these issues can be caused by parasites or viruses, they are also commonly caused by or worsened due to bacterial imbalances.

Bene-Bac PLUS Has It All

Bene-Bac PLUS is the best choice for a probiotic because it has not just one, but seven different microorganisms in it, which each play a unique role in supporting the intestinal health.. It also contains FOS, which are a type of prebiotic that is beneficial to the probiotic.. And best of all, it’s available in two different forms, which makes it versatile, user friendly and very easy to give to any animal!

Photo By Hannah Shaw

How to Give Bene-Bac PLUS

First, you want to make sure you’re giving the right dose! For newborn kittens, offer ¼ to ½ gram on days 1, 3, 5, and 7, and again at weaning. For already weaned kittens and adult cats, you can offer 1 gram for every 10 pounds, and give it twice—3 days apart—as needed.

When it comes to the method of administration, it is all about what works best for your specific animal! You can mix it into a variety of edible offerings. Just make sure that the probiotic is mixed evenly throughout the formula or food, and if you’re heating the food, be sure to add the probiotic after it is heated, once it is the right temperature for consumption.

Both the powder and the gel can be added to:

…or you can even offer the gel on its own! Yum!

Check out this video to learn more about how Bene-Bac PLUS can help the animals in your life achieve optimal health.