How to Feed a Kitten

  1. Using a scale, weigh your kitten in ounces. The kitten’s weight will determine its daily feeding amount: 2 Tbsps. per 4 ounces of body weight.
  2. Now that you have the daily feeding amount, figure the per-feeding amount based on how frequently the kitten needs to eat. Do not feed the kitten the entire daily amount in one feeding—this could cause the kitten’s stomach to rupture.
  3. Prepare the milk replacer. Make sure it’s heated to room temperature. To heat, place the formula inside a bottle or container and float it in a warm water bath. Do not heat the formula directly.
  4. Place the kitten on its stomach in a natural feeding position. Do not roll the kitten onto its back, as this could cause the kitten to inhale or choke on the formula. Hold the bottle at a 45 degree angle and allow the kitten to latch on.
  5. Allow the kitten to feed from the bottle at his or her own pace. Do not squeeze the bottle, as this will cause formula to flow too rapidly into the kitten’s mouth.
  6. Make sure the kitten eats the correct per-feeding amount. Overfeeding or underfeeding a kitten can have detrimental effects, including developmental issues.
  7. When the kitten is finished feeding, assist it in elimination by gently rubbing a moistened cotton ball over its genitals for approximately 30 seconds or until it goes to the bathroom.