Closing the Laptops for a Good Cause

Closing the Laptops for a Good Cause

Most companies frown upon logging off before 5 pm, much less leaving the office hours early.

Not Pet-Ag!

This is because the family here at Pet-Ag is comprised of animal lovers and advocates who believe in the importance of giving back to their community. So, once a month, a group of Pet-Ag team members closes their laptops early to head to a local animal shelter, Wayside Waifs, and is all part of a newly introduced Corporate Volunteering program where interested employees roll up their sleeves to support a local cause.

Some may think volunteering at an animal shelter involves puppy playtimes and cuddles from kittens. Well, they’d be right! However, it’s also much more!

Our team works hard, from folding (what seems like) an endless hallway of freshly washed bedding to assisting with grounds work. The hope is that our time there offers the wonderful staff and volunteers a well-deserved break and helping hand.

Through Corporate Volunteering, our employee-owners connect not only with each other but, with the community in which they live! This form of volunteering has brought us together by raising morale within the company and by helping us raise awareness for an important cause to us all here at Pet-Ag.